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Museum - Visitors watch as white hot liquid iron is poured into moulds that they have hand-cast into a mould to create a metal souvenir to take home. A sewer cover for Kennesaw was created using the same method as that used in the museum. While railway fans of all ages have forgotten to practice this ancient form of art and design, sparks are flying again. Although museum director Richard Banz said that craftsmen have been performing at other events in the cities for some time, he said that this is the first year of the Museum of Georgia Art inviting them to show their craft.

Visit 840 Ernest W. Barrett and visit 478 - 477 - 2795 or drive in any direction, or visit the Kennesaw Museum of Georgia Art website for directions and information.

The Kennesaw Museum of Georgia Art, 840 Ernest W. Barrett Street, Atlanta, GA, 404 - 477 - 2795, or visit the website for information.

Kennesaw State is home to the Georgia Institute of Technology's Center for Education and Technology Center (ETTC) and one of 13 such centers in the state. KennesAW The state is named after the College of Arts and Sciences (KAS) of the University of Georgia.

Kennesaw Hall overlooks Campus Green and is home to the College of Arts and Sciences and the Georgia Institute of Technology's Center for Education and Technology Center (ETTC). Campus Green is surrounded by a series of towering buildings that offer a unique atmosphere on a suburban campus. The buildings are homes for faculty, students, staff and their families, as well as for a number of other faculties and staff.

The president's office resides at Kennesaw Hall, home of the College of Arts and Sciences and The Georgia Institute of Technology (ETTC) Center for Education and Technology. The building is overseen by the Office of the President and Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Dean's Office for Students of the University of Georgia.

The historic part of the university's original campus is located on the western part of the campus and includes Kennesaw Hall, the College of Arts and Sciences and the Georgia Institute of Technology Center for Education and Technology (ETTC). It includes the historic campus buildings as well as a number of new buildings and buildings on the east side of Campus Drive.

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As Georgia's third largest university, Kennesaw State offers more than 100 bachelor's and master's degrees, including a growing doctoral program. As a leader in innovative teaching and learning, KSU runs one of the largest graduate programs in the arts and sciences and is strongly committed to excellence in education and research. In addition to our offer of more than 150 degrees, we have the largest bachelor's degree program in the state of Georgia and the second largest in Georgia.

Kennesaw State University offers bachelor, diploma and doctorate degrees and is located on a 235-acre property, 230 acres of which are in Marietta and the rest in Kennesaw. As the third largest university in the country with more than 100 bachelor and master's degrees in the state of Georgia and recognized as a leader in education, research, teaching and community service, our bachelor and graduate programs are among the best in our country and we are home to the Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Tech and Georgia Southern University, among others.

Thirteen years later, in 1976, the former Kennesaw Junior College was redesigned and renamed Kennedaw College, becoming a four-year college. When the campus moved to Marietta, apartments were made available in the form of dormitories that accommodated students, faculty, staff and staff of the university, as well as students and faculty. Associate degrees were hired, along with nursing, and eventually in 1988 it was renamed Kenneaw State College.

On November 1, 2013, the University System of Georgia announced that Kennesaw State University would merge with nearby Southern Polytechnic State College in 2015. On January 6, 2015, it was approved by the Georgia Board of Regents, and the junior college was provisionally named Cobb County Junior College, but officially established as a university and approved on January 10, 2016 after a two-year transition period. Southern and Georgia State universities, with more than 2,000 students, have an annual budget of $1.5 million and a student body of more than 2 million.

More About Kennesaw

More About Kennesaw