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The City of Kennesaw is hosting a festival of music, food, art, culture and the arts at the Depot Theatre on Saturday 23 July from 19: 30 to 21: 00. Georgia - A 7-piece band, the Georgia Jazz Band, will perform music that combines the sounds of the past, present and future of jazz, blues, rock, hip-hop, folk, country, jazz and more. The evening concludes on stage at Depot with a special tribute to the greats of rock'n "roll, who have something for everyone from the 1960s to the present day.

Salute to America "will feature live music from the Georgia Jazz Band, a special tribute to the greats of rock'n'roll. Attractions include paying - how - you play; bring a blanket and a comfortable low chair. Unless a table is reserved, seats are reserved from 7: 30 to 9: 00 p.m. for $10 per person.

For more information on reserving a table, please visit or call (404) 762-5555 or email KENESAWJUL3 @ com. Demand for federal, state and local services that can prevent hunger: If you need groceries, contact your local pantry, food bank or grocery store, call 1-800-222-4357.

An example of service in Cobb County could be the WIC Snaps pantry at Cobb Community Center, 1040 W. Main St., Cobb, Ga. Food, fruit, meat and other food is available in the free pantries. Struggling families can gain access to food stamps, food aid, health care, housing and education. For low-income families and seniors, free meals are available at local food banks, grocery stores and community centers.

A toll-free wire transfer number can be reached at 1-888-745-4357 or by e-mail or telephone at [e-mail address] or [telephone number].

Anyone in an emergency situation can visit the food bank and help to get the food and food they need. Snap also has access to a variety of pantries and food banks in the area. Families, but also individuals, can be referred to other institutions, churches and resources within the community.

Winners must present a valid government ID card - issued with photo ID proving age. Twin Peaks Restaurant reserves the right to refuse to award a prize to a winner if the winner does not provide satisfactory identification. The winners will be disqualified for any reason and all privileges of this winner will be terminated immediately and the privilege of all winners will be terminated immediately. Twin Peaks Restaurant does not undertake to award either alternative prizes or to extend the period of the competition in any way.

Terms and Conditions: Twin Peaks Restaurant reserves the right to cancel, modify or suspend the contest if affected by any reason, such as injury, illness, death, loss of property, fraud or any other reason.

All expenses associated with the prize, including federal, state and local taxes, are the sole financial responsibility of the winners. Acceptance of a prize awarded in this competition is subject to compliance with and payment of all applicable taxes and fees and the receipt of a valid driving licence.

The Twin Peaks Restaurant is used in conjunction with the selection of one (1) or two (2) of the above-mentioned prizes in the Competition.

An unauthorized sample of performance or interpretive material may be subject to liability for which the participant undertakes to indemnify, defend and maintain the Twin Peaks Restaurant. Winners will be informed of their selection and entitlement to prizes and if they do not respond within the prescribed time, the prize may be forfeited and an alternative winner may be selected on the basis of the above evaluation criteria. Any winnings not claimed within 30 days remain the property of Twin Peak Restaurant and are forfeited.

We offer a range of services and assistance programmes to low-income people in need in our region. This includes using our food bank, pantry, health care and other services. At the very least, these people can be referred to our emergency services, such as emergency accommodation, emergency medical care or food aid.

On our menu you can taste the delicious crabs and shrimp served with shrimp stock, or our delicious crabs and shrimp served in a sweet and savoury sauce such as shrimp and cheese sauce. Alternatively, try the chicken and parmesan dish served over fried spinach and mashed potatoes, with homemade balsamic Dijon sauce, or the bacon, served on a bed of spinach with a creamy tomato sauce and a dash of olive oil.

Alternatively, you can try our hot dogs from a wide selection - try the homemade sausage with rib meat or breast fillet or smoked salmon in creamy dill sauce. Italian sausage is served with green peppers served on a hot dog bun, and the mild Italian sausages come with a side of green peppers and green onions served over hot dog buns.

Alternatively, you can try our vegetable panini, which consists of grilled seasonal vegetables and a side of green peppers and green onions. Alternatively, you can wash it off with a passion fruit mojito from our cocktail menu or a falafel ball with chopped tomatoes and fresh basil.

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